Brazilian recipe: Easy cheesy bread
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By Maura Hernandez from The Other Side of The Tortilla

Though my specialty is home-cooked Mexican cuisine, I love lots of other international foods. As a result, I’m always trying something new in my kitchen. If …

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iPhone 4G – Just Eye Candy?

Submitted by JDiazAsper on 06/19/2010 – 9:22 amNo Comment

Pre-orders of the iPhone are at 600,000+ even though there was plenty of problems with pre-ordering one. Why the  iPhone 4 frenzy?

I think it’s because the new iPhone is gorgeous. Slim with a very industrial look, it’s a phone you’d like to pull out of your purse or pocket. It would look good with any outfit. It was a brillant move on Apple’s part to focus on the looks. A great marketing move to recognize that most of the hard core apple base is visual, art and design focused.

It recognizes that gadgets are part functionality but mostly about the coolness factor. So what if the phone doesn’t always work. I have enough people reach me during dinner, insert other incovenient time.

I think some of new features make an upgrade a no brainer – multitasking, folders, better camera, video chat, the display, etc. For more on the new stuff, take a look at the great round-up of new features over at Techcrunch.

So do you think the eye candy strategy will work for Apple?

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