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Facebook Phones – Want a Piece of that?

Submitted by tomyoung on 09/23/2010 – 2:38 pmNo Comment

Rumors and reports of a looming Facebook mobile phone may alarm parents already panicky over their kids use of both.

Facebook sort of denied the original Techcrunch report, but they left themselves lots of playroom as  Information Week noted:

“The one line that’s noteworthy: ” Facebook is not building a phone. ” Right, OK, it’s not building a phone. Facebook didn’t say it wasn’t building its own mobile operating system, however.”

CNET confirmed that while Facebook may not “build” a phone they are pondering selling one made elsewhere [China perhaps?]  under the Facebook banner.

Great Britain may already be living in Facebook’s future.  Information Week points to inq mobile’s Facebook-ish phone, about which the company enthuses:

“How about Facebook IN your phone, with your friends Facebook photos and status updates in your address book so you can see their current profile pic when they call you?

Their phones are available in Britain, some former British colonies and in especially peninsular parts of Europe – Italy and Denmark.

I can imagine fully translating Facebook frenzy to mobile would have some appeal.  If you really really want to know what any of your random pile of acquaintances claim to be up to at any given moment, and there are plenty that do, it may be the tool for the job.

Would you buy a Facebook phone? Or is it just too much?

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