Brazilian recipe: Easy cheesy bread
01/29/2011 – 11:56 pm | 3 Comments

By Maura Hernandez from The Other Side of The Tortilla

Though my specialty is home-cooked Mexican cuisine, I love lots of other international foods. As a result, I’m always trying something new in my kitchen. If …

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Tostones: Cuban Fried Plantains!

Submitted by tomyoung on 09/25/2010 – 9:00 am7 Comments

I make these fried delights in the Cuban style, but the formula is similar throughout the Caribbean.

Warning: you will be twice frying a starchy vegetable, then salting it.  It isn’t health food.


- unripened plantains [cooking bananas], as green as possible.

- cooking oil [I use olive and canola oil for taste, but use what you prefer]

- salt

You begin by peeling off the skin – its tough, and usually requires a knife.     Cut the fruit into slices roughly an inch thick, and

place the slices either in a deep fryer  , or a heated frying pan with oil approximately 1/4 of an inch deep.

Fry them until brown on both sides, then drain on paper towels. 

When the fried slices are cool enough to handle they must be mashed flat.

I use a hinged hard wood masher from the Dominican Republic, but any tool you have at hand will do -  I’ve used coffee mug bottoms.

Place the mashed slices in your oil and fry, taking care to avoid burning [or setting off smoke alarms]. When the mashed slices are crispy remove them from heat, drain on paper towels, and salt to taste.

Best served warm.

Tostones were made for the #SabrosoSaturday blog hop hosted by @MsLatina.

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