Brazilian recipe: Easy cheesy bread
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By Maura Hernandez from The Other Side of The Tortilla

Though my specialty is home-cooked Mexican cuisine, I love lots of other international foods. As a result, I’m always trying something new in my kitchen. If …

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App Review: BigOven

Submitted by Amanda Mouttaki on 08/28/2011 – 11:32 amNo Comment

One of my favorite apps for my android phone and tablet is BigOven. (BigOven is also available for iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phones and on any computer through their website)  I have been using this site for well over a year now and it has saved dinner several times now.  BigOven is a pretty straight forward website.  It has a very simple design that makes reading on a mobile device much easier.  When I first started using this app it was purely for the “use up leftover” feature.  In fact this is still my favorite feature.  However since this time they have expanded the program.

“Use up leftovers” is the most unique part of this app.  After clicking this option users are directed to a clean, basic page.  On this page simply select three items that you have on hand or that you would like to use in a recipe. A list of all of the recipes on the site that include those three ingredients will be given.  Not all combinations have recipes but the majority do.  I also find this helpful if I’m at the farmer’s market and I am considering purchasing an item.  I know what I have at home but BigOven helps me find recipe ideas or even just to feel out if the ingredients will go together.

BigOven has added some new features like video, a great resource for those cooks who are more visually oriented.  There’s also a community section that has many different groups that you can join based on your likes.  Like many traditional recipe sites the front page lists categories of recipes for browsing as well as recipes that have recently rated high.

If you are someone who likes to keep all your recipes in one place BigOven can help with that too.  When you’re browsing it lets you save your favorite recipes which are then filed in the “my kitchen” area of the website.  Other categories in this area are;

  • Try Soon
  • Recipes I’ve made
  • Recipes I’ve posted
  • Post a recipe
  • Grocery List
  • Kitchen Stream (a neat little tool that shows you what other people are cooking/eating!)

Not all of these functions are available in the free version of BigOven.  If you opt for the $15.99 year Pro Membership you can select recipes, and the ingredients are then transferred directly to the shopping list.  The Pro version also includes nutritional information and the ability to post recipes privately.

Overall this is a really good application for home cooks.  I do wish that they offered the grocery list function as a part of the free membership but understand why they don’t.  Even if you only use this app for the “use up leftovers” capability you won’t be disappointed.

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