Brazilian recipe: Easy cheesy bread
01/29/2011 – 11:56 pm | 3 Comments

By Maura Hernandez from The Other Side of The Tortilla

Though my specialty is home-cooked Mexican cuisine, I love lots of other international foods. As a result, I’m always trying something new in my kitchen. If …

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Wordless Wednesday: Nature Girls
08/18/2010 – 11:58 am | One Comment
Wordless Wednesday: Nature Girls

A great way to go low tech after blogher:

Monique Frausto from Blogs by Latinas shares her phone troubles at BlogHer
08/15/2010 – 8:43 am | 5 Comments

Just when I was thinking what’s up with all the Blackberry storm love, I ran into Monique Frausto from Blogs by Latina, @BLOGSbyLATINAS. She has had a nightmare situation with her storm. She is actually …

Guava Pie: a Quick Desert
08/14/2010 – 6:59 am | 5 Comments
Guava Pie: a Quick Desert

I think every hostess needs a few party tricks. My guava pie is one of my favorite. It’s so easy. It looks amazing and it’s vaguely Cubanish. I am Cuban American so Cubanish works well …

Carrie does the “tiki tiki” about the Android Incredible at Blogher
08/13/2010 – 8:45 pm | 2 Comments

I got to finally meet Carrie Ferguson Weir from the Tiki Tiki Blog, @carriefweir at BlogHer. We had fun chatting about her lovely Android Incredible phone.
Carrie is working that phone. She blogs, tweets and tumbles …

Aspiring Mama using her new Droid X at BlogHer 2010 to Make it Happen
08/06/2010 – 8:18 am | One Comment

I caught up with Pauline M. Campus of Aspiring Mama (@aspiringmama) at BlogHer 2010.
She just got a new Droid X but she is already putting it to good use. Tweets, blog post on the go, …

MommyLite shows some serious Blackberry Love at BlogHer
08/06/2010 – 7:20 am | 3 Comments

MobileTestKitchen went looking for some cellphone love at BlogHer.
We found a huge Blackberry fan, Sarah Maizes from Mommy Lite, @Mommylite
Who lovers her phone because “unlike the iPhone, it makes phone calls”. Go verizon!

Got a …

“Mom, We love your new job!”
08/05/2010 – 10:22 am | 4 Comments

This is officially my first week as a full time start-up chick. So far, I love it. And so do my kids. They have noticed how happy I am pursuing something I have always wanted …

Avocado Salad Dressing Recipe
07/31/2010 – 4:29 pm | Comments Off
Avocado Salad Dressing Recipe

It is still hot and very lazy in DC. So it’s all about salads lately. I like to do avocado dressing with those avocados that have passed their prime. This looks a bit ugly coming …

Sabroso Saturday: Sangria Recipe
07/24/2010 – 7:36 pm | 5 Comments

My friend, Ms Latina, just started hosting  a great recipe exchange on her blog- Sabroso Saturday (Tasty Saturday). It’s too hot to cook in DC so I went with a Sangria recipe. Lately, I have …

Top Ten ways I use my iPhone as a Busy Working Mom
07/20/2010 – 2:39 pm | 2 Comments
Top Ten ways I use my iPhone as a Busy Working Mom

My iPhone makes my life easier, really I am not sure how I made it through the day before it.
Here are the top ten ways I use the iPhone:
1. Pretend I am working when I …