Brazilian recipe: Easy cheesy bread
01/29/2011 – 11:56 pm | 3 Comments

By Maura Hernandez from The Other Side of The Tortilla

Though my specialty is home-cooked Mexican cuisine, I love lots of other international foods. As a result, I’m always trying something new in my kitchen. If …

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Top Ten ways I use my iPhone as a Busy Working Mom
07/20/2010 – 2:39 pm | 2 Comments
Top Ten ways I use my iPhone as a Busy Working Mom

My iPhone makes my life easier, really I am not sure how I made it through the day before it.
Here are the top ten ways I use the iPhone:
1. Pretend I am working when I …

Apps for iPhone Developers
07/18/2010 – 7:55 am | Comments Off
Apps for iPhone Developers

Team here at Mobile Test Kitchen is in crunch mode. We are all hands on deck to get our first app out. More about that app soon, hopefully real soon.
Working on an app is hard …

Motivation on the Go – Diet Apps
05/28/2010 – 7:03 am | One Comment
Motivation on the Go – Diet Apps

Summer is hear. I love eating outside, going to the beach and having a more unstructured schedule. Problem is that I tired on my shorts and they don’t fit. Yes, all that tweeting and blogging …

Android Surpasses iPhone Sales: The power of 2 for 1 sales
05/11/2010 – 7:48 am | One Comment

I am an iPhone lover so it pained me to see the news that Android sales (28%) overtook iPhone sales (21%) per the NPD Group report. I just don’t think the Android comes close on …

The iPhone as Reading Tutor
04/22/2010 – 12:01 am | One Comment
The iPhone as Reading Tutor

I’m tackling teaching my 2nd child to read. It doesn’t get easier.
My first daughter was a real struggle, but she is now 9 and a bookworm who reads for hours a day. So keep hope …

Why iPhone OS 4.0 will be great for Moms
04/15/2010 – 7:51 pm | Comments Off

It’s been about a week since the OS 4.0 news came out. As a geeky, busy working mom here is how I think the new platform will impact my iPhone ways:

More Free Apps: The new, …

Press Play on Your iPhone for a Battle Free Bedtime
04/07/2010 – 10:50 pm | Comments Off
Press Play on Your iPhone for a Battle Free Bedtime

Its 8:30pm. I am tired and cranky. My 6 year-old daughter is tired, and even more cranky. “I’m hungry,” “I’m scared,” and the classic “I can’t fall asleep” are offered as though they were fresh …

It’s All About Apple This Week
01/25/2010 – 11:44 am | Comments Off
It’s All About Apple This Week

Leading the Apple buzz is the continuing tablet media frenzy.  My favorite takes on the story:
The hopeful “Apple will save old media” talk in The Wall Street Journal:
“Mr. Jobs is “supportive of the old guard, …

MLK Mobile
01/18/2010 – 3:47 pm | One Comment

Why not mark Martin Luther King Day like the cool kids do,  with an app.
Unfortunately, most of what’s out there for 99 cents are quote generators,  giving you nice material abstracted from context and history.
Perhaps …

Branded Mobile Apps on the March
12/29/2009 – 6:57 pm | One Comment

A new study published by claims mobile phones will be flooded by branded apps in 2010.
Some 200+ major advertisers, agencies and marketers participated in the survey. 65% said they plan to develop mobile apps …